Could a New Portable PlayStation Device be on the Horizon?

Could a New Portable PlayStation Device be on the Horizon?

A source claims that a successor to the PlayStation portable is being developed and might be able to run PS4 titles. There have been rumours going around regarding a new portable PlayStation system. This new system is rumoured to be a replacement for the PSP and PS Vita handheld systems, in contrast to the PlayStation Portal, a remote handheld player that lets users access their loaded PlayStation 5 library via the cloud.

The YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead (MLiD) originally revealed rumours of a new PlayStation handheld gadget in February. He claimed that the system was still in the very early phases of development, and the Steam Deck, MLiD hinted that the gadget would be able to run PS4 and even PS5 titles. These rumours seem to be supported by a recent revelation that suggests Sony’s anticipated portable device could actually play PS4 titles.

The source of this claim is a recent Telegram post by Russian writer Anton Logvinov. His message has been loosely translated, and he confirms that Sony intends to introduce a “new PSP,” however he says that the launch roster would only consist of PS4 games. He compares it to Valve’s Steam Deck, referencing earlier discoveries made by YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead (MLiD).

Given that several PS4 exclusives have already been PC converted, Logvinov expresses concern regarding the upcoming PSP handheld successor. He makes the suggestion—which some players agree with—that players could prefer a Steam Deck, which provides a more comparable and adaptable experience. Fans should take this most recent leak with some healthy suspicion, despite Logvinov’s history of accurate leaks, which includes the PC versions of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn prior to their official launches.

The next Sony portable, according to MLiD, would have a customised processor unit, and PS5 games will be updated to work with it. Additionally, he hinted that the portable might be released simultaneously with Sony’s upcoming hardware, either before or after the PS6 system launches.

The reports of a new handheld device seem to be supported by recent patents from Sony and PlayStation. These patents outline a method that ignores the PlayStation Portal and Remote Play apps’ inability to support the seamless transition between playing on a portable device and a PS5 console via cloud gaming. The patents also describe how gaming, input, and response time might all be enhanced by a cloud server. Fans should, however, proceed with caution while interpreting these rumours until further official details become available.

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