Dead by Daylight – Strobing Light Issue Annoys Players

Dead by Daylight has experienced a number of modifications this year, most notably the controversial Killer changes that were later undone. In spite of these swings, the game maintains a solid library of content for its dedicated player base and continues to thrive in its competitive market.

After the release of Dead by Daylight update 7.7.0, players began to experience intermittent light flashing while playing. As a quick reaction, the Dead by Daylight team warned the public about the possible risks related to this bug by tweeting a photosensitivity advisory. The 7.7.0A patch that follows is only available to PC users at this time. According to the patch notes, it will be available on all platforms, provided that it is effective. Additionally, the warnings emphasized that individuals who are susceptible to epilepsy or seizures should proceed with caution because not everyone would benefit from the improvements.

The strobing lights bug has not affected every player, as discussed in the forum and in Reddit threads devoted to the topic. There are differing accounts of how long the lights were off; some say they were on for a few seconds, while others say they were out for more than twenty seconds. Some players only encountered the bug once during a single game, while others encountered it frequently, about 67% of the time.

The gameplay of Dead by Daylight relies heavily on environmental benefits, therefore disruptions such as non-gaming mechanic flashing lights are especially harmful. Furthermore, these interruptions might cause major health hazards, such as seizures, which would make it very difficult for survivors to perform well in matches. The development team’s quick responsiveness to player concerns and possible solution-making highlights their dedication to the community.

Update 7.7.0, which was released on April 23, brought with it an update to the Unreal Engine 5 game engine and new material for Tome 19: SPLENDOUR, including new stories for The Artist and Zarina Kassir. The Twins and The Blight, two Daylight killers, altered some aspects of Dead as well as specific settings. While the effectiveness of bugfix 7.7.0A in removing the flashing lights hasn’t been formally verified, the fix will be released to all platforms upon validation, thereby providing comfort to players during gameplay.

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