Epic Game Store Delayed Further

Epic Game Store Delayed Further

Gamers have noticed that the Epic Games Store still hasn’t implemented profile avatars, even though it’s stated as a priority. Often praised for its achievements in a variety of industry domains—such as the creation of Fortnite and Unreal Engine—and for its thriving PC marketplace, Epic Games has not always been able to match features seen on other platforms.

Still, it’s important to recognize Epic Games’ ongoing attempts to improve its products. Users are excited with the inclusion of multiple EA games in the Epic Games Store, a sign of the ecosystem’s continuous growth. Although there were originally concerns among gamers about Epic’s longevity in comparison to Steam, the platform’s current state has reassured many of these reservations. That’s why it’s a little confusing when expected features like profile avatars don’t show up.

The profile avatar feature has been noted in Epic’s Trello project board since February 2022, but it hasn’t been put into practice, according to a Reddit post by user VanceVibes. It’s surprising that such a fundamental function hasn’t been included given the Epic Games Store’s consistent expansion since 2022, which has been marked by a sizable library of free games for Epic users.

It’s likely that the profile avatars have become less important, especially in light of all the activities Epic Games engages in. It makes sense that development work on Unreal Engine and blockbuster games like Fortnite would take priority over fine-tuning specifics in the Epic Games Store. Although there have been recent attempts to improve the store’s user experience, it’s possible that other projects have momentarily overshadowed the use of profile avatars.

As other players in the discussion pointed out, Epic Games is a great launcher, but Steam has more community-based features than Epic Games. This finding sparked conjecture that maybe the Epic Games Store was never meant to be a full-fledged platform, but rather merely a shop. Moreover, some players might prefer that the marketplace does not have social platform characteristics, which could account for the extended absence of avatars even after two years.

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