Kiriko’s Skin Disappoints Overwatch Fans

Kiriko’s Skin Disappoints Overwatch Fans

Players of Overwatch 2 have voiced their displeasure with Kiriko’s most recent Legendary skins. Overwatch 2 is well known for its creative hero skins, which frequently give each character a distinct look. Although this is usually the case with Kiriko, several of the most recent skins for the support hero have fallen short of what players were hoping for.

Hanzo and Genji trained Kiriko to be a kunoichi healer, and she uses her kitsune spirit to support allies. With skins ranging from Rare to Mythic tier, the character is well-represented in the marketplace. Notable examples are the Visual Kei and Sakura skins. There are legendary possibilities like the Sukajan and Athleisure skins, as well as notable ones like the K-2000 Blademaster and Amaterasu, Kiriko’s Mythic skin that was released in Season 3. While Kiriko provides a variety of skins for players to choose from. Two in particular have caught the fan’s attention and sparked discussions. 

Overwatch 2 players are not happy with Kiriko’s most recent Legendary skins, as Reddit user Chair_Last has brought to light. They critique the Terrible Tornado and Hashimoto skins’ perceived quality and raise issues regarding what makes a skin legendary in their post. Although One Punch Man and Overwatch 2 collaborated on the Terrible Tornado skin, the OP explains the reasoning behind its tier. Players are more concerned about the Hashimoto skin, though, since it turns Kiriko into a member of the Hashimoto clan—a Japanese criminal group that killed Hanzo and Genji’s father.

The sentiment was shared by a number of Overwatch 2 players, some of whom emphasized that “selling power” had a greater influence on skin tier determination than visual excellence. An additional participant noted that Hashimoto Kirikos appeared frequently in their battles, implying that the developers’ choice to designate the skin as legendary might have been financially supported. 

On the Overwatch 2 subreddit, though, users expressed their hesitation to buy the Hashimoto skin. Its resemblance to other character clothes made it “unworthy of being legendary,” according to some, who also called it an “overpriced epic skin masquerading as legendary.” This is not the first time that Overwatch 2 players have voiced their displeasure with legendary skins, highlighting an ongoing concern with the game.

Player unhappiness has only increased since the introduction of Overwatch 2, due to Blizzard’s monetization strategy, which has been the subject of debate since the game’s launch. 

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