Latest Pokemon Go Update Makes the Game Impossible

Latest Pokemon Go Update Makes the Game Impossible

Fans of Pokémon GO have grown frustrated with the latest update since bugs are making it difficult to catch Pokémon. Furthermore, players are at a significant disadvantage in the Pokémon GO Battle League due to framerate issues that are hindering their participation.

The World of Wonders season of Pokémon GO has not gone over well with the public. Even while the season got off to a promising start with the release of the contentious Avatar update, things have since worsened. New problems have emerged in the game, and fans are still having trouble with the updated avatars.

User CQTee has drawn attention to the difficulties that players are facing following the update to the most recent version of Pokémon GO in a post on the subreddit. The Native Refresh Rate option must be used by players in order to attain a frame rate of 60 FPS or greater. After the update, though, it seems that this functionality is causing a lot of bugs like the Pokéball periodically returning to its starting position and making Pokémon catch impossible. In addition, after the update, players have reported having trouble aiming their Pokéballs precisely and hitting Pokémon; even during superb and curveball tries, throws frequently veer completely off-screen.

Thankfully, players have found various ways to deal with these problems. Although not upgrading the game is one way to prevent running into the issues, the original poster mentions that turning off the native refresh rate feature seems to help with some of the troubles players are having. Another user adds that the problem is also resolved by lowering the phone’s refresh rate. For example, if a phone can support a refresh rate of 120Hz, you can fix the problem by setting it to 60Hz and still having Pokémon GO’s Native Refresh Rate option enabled. However, turning off the feature completely appears to be the only workable option for phones with a 60Hz display rate.

Interestingly, it seems that this bug only affects Android users—iOS users have not yet reported experiencing any issues with it. But the flaws don’t just hamper Pokémon catching—they also interfere with the GO Battle League’s functionality. Players have reported situations where Pokémon GO fails to register quick moves, which puts them at a disadvantage in combat, in addition to framerate reductions. Since these problems occur during a number of exciting Pokémon GO events, including the GO Battle Weekend, it is unclear if Niantic will reimburse players for the difficulties they have recently faced.

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