RTasks Login – How To Login RTasks A Complete Guide

RTasks by ResiDex is a web-based software system that improves many processes related to healthcare administration. These processes include electronic health records (EHR), prescription management, reporting and analysis, service charting, assessments, marketing, activities and enrichment, incidents, and more. 

It provides services to healthcare businesses of varying sizes, including assisted living facilities, private duty/in-home care providers, group homes, and professionals working in these sectors.

How to Log In To Your Account at RTasks.net

Are you prepared to log in and experience RTasks in effect? The following is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit RTasks.net.
  2.  Enter your password and username
  3. Click “Sign In.”

To access your RTasks, You will require:

  • RTasks URL for the website
  • Your credentials
  • A secure, supported browser
  • A smartphone or computer connected to the internet

And that’s all! The login process takes just a few moments.

Experiencing Login Issues?

Experiencing Login Issues?

Don’t remember your password? That’s not a problem:

  1. Open RTasks.net again and press the “Forgot Password” button
  2. Enter your username
  3. Carefully follow the reset instructions that you will receive in an email

Are you still facing issues? Contact your organization’s tech admin to help you log in successfully.

Set Up A New RTasks Account

If you need to set up your own RTasks account, follow these steps:

  1. Ask the administrator of your organization to provide an invitation.
  2. Check your email for the unique registration link.
  3. Set a username and a temporary password
  4. Once more, visit RTasks.net and log in.
  5. Create your permanent password.
  6. Give your phone number so that passwords can be recovered.
  7. Press “Submit” to launch RTasks!

Main Features Of RTasks

Care Fundamentals LMS: This service provides thorough, on-demand staff training for senior living and group homes to guarantee state compliance. It offers facilities for all-inclusive training and eliminates the requirement for several logins. Staff training records are readily available to managers.

Getting Started with RTasks Requires 4 Easy Steps: Before beginning their journey with RTasks, users can schedule a 15-minute introduction talk with a Sales Specialist. This will be followed by a 60-minute software demonstration that will provide a general overview of the platform. Following that, they can request a customized price proposal and sign the contract to start utilizing RTasks.

Analysis & Reporting: To cater to the varied requirements of its customers, RTasks offers a comprehensive selection of more than 1500 reports. These reports can be downloaded as papers, incorporated into Login Reports to warn personnel of issues, or used to alert supervisors regarding incidents or internal messaging. All of these options are available to users. 

Both Campus Dashboards and Resident Trends provide users with the ability to study information that is specific to selected residents. Campus Dashboards display data in the form of valuable graphs for interpretation.

Charting: Thanks to the documentation tool in the Today screen of RTasks, users can access resident-specific information about assigned services and chores, document their fulfillment in real time, and add remarks. They can also send messages to supervisors regarding any concerns they might have.

Electronic Health Records: Utilizing RTasks makes entering and managing electronic health records much easier. Creating a comprehensive client record is simple for users. It begins with creating a basic Resident Profile and continues with adding services, notes, medications, and pertinent documents. It is easy to understand and straightforward.

Assessments: RTasks provides highly customized assessments that not only fulfill the state’s criteria but also cater to the specific requirements of residents. Users can carry out complete admission evaluations or particular subset assessments from the time of pre-admission until the time of discharge. 

There is the possibility of linking the evaluations to the services in order to guarantee that the service plans appropriately represent the requirements of the residents. In addition, a wide variety of reports can be accessed on RTasks with the simple click of a button.

Medication, Pharmacy, E-MAR: To ensure compliance with state rules and nursing best practices, RTasks offers adaptable medication management tools that can be customized to meet unique requirements. Integration with pharmacies, pill counting, notifications for prescriptions that have been missed, and nurse review of all PRN as well as refused medications are all features that are made possible by the system. 

Users have the ability to enter and manage medications for residents, both those that are scheduled and those that are unscheduled, assign them to staff members, and document any administrations or refusals in real-time through the usage of the Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR). Additionally, the system provides Pharmacy Connect, which makes medication reconciliation easier for the facility and the pharmacy on an ongoing basis.

Incidents: The incident management tool included in RTasks can be modified to meet the requirements of each facility. Supervisors can review, edit, and add their clinical thoughts to incident reports. This enables continuing documentation of the event until it has been completely resolved. Additional note entries could be used. RTasks offer a wide variety of reporting features, such as comprehensive summary reports, detailed incident reports, and incident analysis based on a number of different criteria.

Marketing: RTasks make it possible to manage prospective residents effectively. It is possible for users to initially enter a limited amount of information and then gradually gather additional data in order to develop detailed profiles. To facilitate reporting, a status can be assigned to each lead. Users can schedule and monitor follow-up activities for new leads through the use of the Task Manager. Numerous reports exclusive to Prospex offer significant marketing insights.

Pharmacy Connect—Outbound Fax: To ensure that pharmacists receive vital facility information, RTasks offers a set of tools and resources that enable them to send scheduled faxes to pharmacies. Each pharmacy can choose the format of the data that it wishes to receive. Some reports can be customized to cater to pharmacies’ particular requirements.

Closing Words

For assisted living facilities, group homes, and adult day service facilities, RTasks by ResiDex is a web-based and user-friendly electronic health record (EHR) solution. The purpose of the Resident Profile is to collect information about the resident’s demographics, service plan, health care resources, and prescribed medications.

Do you require additional assistance for using Rtasks? Buzzlerz will be delighted to help you with any problems related to RTasks; please share questions with us.

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