TaxAct Login – How To Login TaxAct A Complete Guide

TaxAct is a software company specializing in tax preparation. It is a widely trusted tax software that Individual taxpayers and corporations alike can use for reliable and efficient tax preparation and management. TaxAct claims that it was the first online software supplier to offer free tax filing services and is a member of the Free File Alliance organization.

People who have a challenging tax situation and would like to prioritize the accuracy of their return may consider using TaxAct as their tax preparation software. Even though every service provider promises that their work is accurate one hundred percent of the time, TaxAct goes above and beyond. 

If your tax return is wrong or you don’t get the maximum refund, it will pay for any legal or audit fees up to $100,000 and refund the cost of the software. They will also pay the difference between your smaller refund and higher tax liability.

You have the convenient option of filing your taxes online or downloading tax preparation software to be used on your desktop computer. Due to the limited live support, you are primarily responsible for filing your taxes yourself unless you invest in Xpert Assist. The abundant help selection contains a great deal of helpful information that can assist you in fulfilling your tax filing obligations.

TaxAct Login – Instructions On How To Login TaxAct

  1. Launch your choice of web browser, whether using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Enter “” into the address bar of your browser. You will go to the main website of TaxAct.
  3. Locate the “Login” or “Sign In” button, which is usually found in the upper-right area of the website.
  4. Press the login button and accurately type your password and registered email address.
  5. Based on your account settings, you may have to perform an additional security step, such as verifying a code provided to your phone or email.
  6. You’ll enter your TaxAct account and hassle-free tax filing if your identity is successfully verified.

What Kind Of Products Does TaxAct Provide?

What Kind Of Products Does TaxAct Provide?

TaxAct offers four different levels of online tax preparation software: Free, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-employed. The free tier requires a $40 fee per state return, but the remaining tiers require a $60 fee per state where the return is filed.

The TaxAct Free Forms and schedules accepted by the Free tier of TaxAct are relatively generous compared to those of the most prominent competitors, particularly TurboTax. It is possible to make a claim for the earned income tax credit, the interest on student loans, and the child tax credit. Moreover, it provides assistance to dependents, unemployment benefits, and retirement benefits. The sole deduction that you are permitted to take is the standard deduction; however, you are eligible to obtain education credits and the credits for the aged and disabled that are listed in Schedule R.


The cost of TaxAct Deluxe for a federal return is $50. The tier includes long lists of IRS forms, including Schedule A itemized deductions for child and dependent care, health savings accounts, home business expenses, theft and casualty loss, and other credits for home energy, electric cars, and mortgage interest.


TaxAct Premier, priced at $80 for a federal return, is highly beneficial when adding various common income types. If you have earned money from rental property, capital gains from the sale of stock, or any other type of investment income, you will be required to upgrade to this tier. Taxpayers who have earned money from the trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as those who have bank accounts in foreign countries, will also require TaxAct Premier filing software.


All individuals who have received income from self-employment, such as gig workers, freelancers, and owners of small businesses, as well as farmers, are eligible for the highest tier of the Tax Act. This is the most expensive tier that TaxAct offers, and it will cost you $100 to file a federal return. 

When it comes to self-employed tiers, TurboTax and H&R Block charge a total of $129 and $115, respectively. If you are self-employed and find that $100 is too much to pay, there are other solutions available to you that are less expensive. 

TaxAct Pricing

  • Free — $0 (additional fees for state returns)
  • Deluxe — $49.99 (additional fees for state returns)
  • Premier — $69.99 (additional fees for state returns)
  • Self-Employed — $99.99 (additional fees for state returns)

Free version

Yes — for the tax situations listed below:

  • W-2 income
  • Retirement income
  • Unemployment income
  • CTC
  • EITC
  • Stimulus credit
  • Current students
  • Dependents
  • Student loan interest

Live support

Available for a flat fee of $59.99.


When you use TaxAct, it’s not simply a login; it’s your entryway to easier tax management. By using the capabilities of the TaxAct login, you can take advantage of the ease of a guided and simplified tax filing process. Hopefully, this tutorial will make it easier for you to access your TaxAct account so you can streamline your tax management.

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