Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 - Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

Are you ready for laughter and more heartwarming moments because the Lopez vs Lopez season 2 is coming to the NBC. It’s the next chapter of George Lopez’s TV show and audiences couldn’t be happier. The first season aired in November 2022, starring George Lopez who ends up moving in with his daughter Mayan. Interestingly, the role of his daughter in the sitcom is played his real-life daughter too. Together, they bring life to the screen with some fun banter, discusses and drama. 

The TV show is a blast from the past, reminding people of the beloved George Lopez show from the early 2000s. Season 1 was a hit on both TV and Peacock, so it’s not a surprise that NBC wanted to showcase more of Lopez. 

So get ready as you join the journey of Mayan and George on their heartfelt adventures in Season 2. The show will truly put a smile on your face and make your heart warm. 

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2: Release Date

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2: Release Date

Lopez vs Lopez season 2’s production was delayed because of the strike by Hollywood in 2023. It was one of the shows that missed the debut in fall. However, there is good news! NCB has disclosed that the sophomore season will be premiering on Tuesday, 2nd April around 8pm EST time. It’ll be live on the NBC first and then will be able to stream for users on Peacock on the next day. 

The Lopez Show Latest Trailer Updates

As the Lopez vs Lopez show’s release date gets close, NBC has released yet another short trailer on Youtube. Although the teaser trailer focuses on the father and daughter bonding and also hint’s on her dad’s renewed love interest and his sobriety. With sitcoms there’s not much to see in the trailers and they usually don’t reveal a lot. There is just a short clip and sometimes a new character is disclosed. 

Lopez vs Lopez: Who’s Coming Back in Season 2?

Lopez vs Lopez: Who’s Coming Back in Season 2?

With the cast, audiences shouldn’t expect to see changes. George Lopez is returning and his real life daughter Mayan Lopez will also continue to play. Then there are some supporting cast members that include, Brice Gonzalez as Chance, Quinten, Al Madrigal as Oscar, and Selenis Levya as Rosie. Thes are the people that held season 1 together too and we can hope that their presence yet again makes the show a super hit akongst audiences. 

But there’s good news, because Jaime Camil playing Josue Consuelos will be joining as the newest member. He plays the role of a powerful lawyer courting Rosie, and George isn’t a fan of this. Another news is, reality star Lis Rinna is also set to appear in Season 2, as another supporting actor, we’re hoping its George’s potential love interest. Apart from this, there will be the usual guest appearances and cameos. 

Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 Plot

Most of the sitcoms that you usually see show how things go back to the way they were in the end of each episode. But things are opposite in Lopez vs Lopez, where the last episode of the season also called Lopez vs Last Call, showed major changes in the characters. Now we can’t say it was abrupt because it had been building with every passing episode. Mayan finally stood up to her dad, speaking wholly bout his issues with drinking. We can expect her to be stricter in season 2 so she can help him get rid of his drinking problems. The show focuses on the complicated relationship between the father daughter duo. Apart from the usual drama, you can expect to see some funny tidbits. But we’rehoping season 2 has some serious changes and George and Mayan’s relationship evolves. 

Bring it On!

So are you excited? Season 2 will light up your screen making everything interesting! Come join us as we all see their relationship and the events unfold in Lopez vs Lopez show. Watch the trailer to learn more details. 

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