Multiverse Characters - An Insane Reveal Planned

Multiverse Characters – An Insane Reveal Planned

A big announcement by MultiVersus’s director is expected on Monday, and this has led to rumours in the community that Jason Vorhees would be made playable. With exciting upgrades, MultiVersus has been creating excitement and increasing anticipation for its May 28 debut.

The presence of Joker in MultiVersus, which reunites Mark Hamill with the character he notably voiced in the Batman animated series and the Batman: Arkham games, has been one of the most notable revelations. Unexpectedly, MultiVersus made the endearing Adventure Time character Banana Guard playable as a combatant instead of just a stage prop. Excitement was further increased by the reveal of the PvE Rift mode, which includes boss fights and minigames. MultiVersus is currently preparing for another exciting surprise in the upcoming days.

A significant announcement is scheduled on Monday, according to MultiVersus director Tony Huynh. This has led some players to speculate that Jason Voorhees, the renowned antagonist from the Friday the 13th film franchise, will be unveiled as a playable character. Huynh said, “Monday will be insane,” in response to a MultiVersus tweet that appeared to be a hint at additional character revelations. Several players speculate about Voorhees’ inclusion in the comments section of a Reddit post by user TheCarina. This theory is supported by a number of leaks and teasers, including the PvE mode’s “horror” category.

Along with rumours that Jason Voorhees will be a part of MultiVersus, the possible announcement’s timing aligns nicely with current Friday the 13th movie plans. The franchise’s multi-platform extension, Jason Universe, was announced this week. This occurs years after the original Friday the 13th movie’s screenwriter, Victor Miller, regained ownership of the rights in 2021. As such, it is even more likely that Jason, who made his debut in Mortal Kombat X, will make his platform fighting game debut in Warner Bros. Interactive’s 2D title.

Players who took part in the beta of MultiVersus gave it a lot of positive comments, appreciating the Super Smash Bros.-style battles that featured characters from the Warner Bros. library. Although fans are eager to see Jason Voorhees, there are other characters they would like to see as well. The announcement of the Powerpuff Girls is also much anticipated by the fandom, particularly in light of the game’s upcoming addition of the Townsville stage.

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