Nintendo 2 - Could Muji Be its Codename?

Nintendo 2 – Could Muji Be its Codename?

The latest rumors from Nintendo are about the alleged codename for the Switch successor. A knowledgeable Nintendo Switch expert has commented, saying that it’s just a placeholder and not the official name. After a lot of rumors about a Nintendo Switch successor surfaced, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the company would provide further information later in the fiscal year.

According to leaks from the Famiboard community, the replacement will go by the name “Muji,” and it was allegedly found by looking through the Switch 2 software development kit code. Since “Muji” means “plain” in Japanese, some have theorized that the Switch 2 will have a simpler, more understated appearance. The source of this relationship is a Japanese merchant well-known for its simple merchandise. But one experienced Switch researcher questions whether “Muji” is the console’s real codename.

The revelation came from Michael, better known as @ScriesM, a custom firmware developer and hacker for the Nintendo Switch who has worked on projects like Atmosphere, hactool, and other reverse engineering tools for the system. According to Michael, the “Muji” codename that has been released and is allegedly being utilized for the Nintendo Switch successor is just a stand-in name used to prevent the real codename of the system from being revealed too soon. He emphasizes how unlikely it is that “Muji” is the real codename for the Switch replacement, using the finding of a hash in the development kit as proof.

Later on, Michael posted a hash of a text he thought included the Nintendo Switch 2 codename, mainly as a backup. As of right now, the hash cannot be decrypted without the original sentence. Michael wants fans to confirm his theory as soon as the Nintendo Switch successor’s real codename is made public.

Nintendo has a history of referring to its hardware under internal codenames; nevertheless, these codenames usually disappear before the final product is released. For example, prior to its formal release in 2016, the original Nintendo Switch was internally referred to as “NX”. Additional information on the Nintendo Switch replacement, such as the incorporation of the Nintendo Account and a hybrid system architecture, has been hinted to by President Furukawa. Fans will need to wait until next year for further information regarding this console.

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