Nintendo Game Development to take Longer in the Future

Nintendo Game Development to take Longer in the Future

Recently, Shuntaro Furukawa has been creating a lot of hype by revealing interesting information about the Switch and its upcoming replacement. The Nintendo executive recently confirmed on Twitter that the company plans to release the Nintendo Switch 2 during this fiscal year. Alongside it, Furukawa also shared some fascinating information on Nintendo’s most recent earnings call, where he answered detailed questions from shareholders and investors. In the middle of these talks, some statements made by the executive raised some red flags regarding Nintendo’s and the gaming industry’s overall future.

According to a recent article published by Famitsu that covered the company’s most recent earnings call, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated that he believes the trend towards longer, more complex, and sophisticated game production is “inevitable” going forward. Adding to this, he emphasized Nintendo’s wants to work with high-level developers who understand the spirit of the brand leading to recruitment needs. This implies that Nintendo will continue to select its partners with the same level of discretion, even in light of the growing need for more game creators.

Furukawa did, however, draw criticism when he hinted at the prospect of Nintendo looking to acquire companies in the future in order to handle the escalating difficulties associated with game creation. This would diverge from Nintendo’s current strategy because, unlike its rivals Microsoft and Sony, the company has never pursued large-scale acquisition plans. Nintendo has never been big on expenditure when it comes to studio purchases. However, Furukawa speculates that should the need for resources increase, Nintendo may need to hire more development teams to help with the production of future AAA games.

Even with the Switch’s enormous success, Nintendo will probably face difficulties before the release of their upcoming system in 2025. Recent leaks allegedly exposing the Switch 2’s hardware specifications point to a major increase in raw power over the current generation of systems. While fans may be excited by the idea of more powerful Nintendo hardware, the thought of creating a more demanding system may force Nintendo to contend with higher development costs and longer turnaround times, reflecting difficulties seen by other companies in the gaming sector. Nevertheless, given that Nintendo has recently withstood storms that have befallen other publishers, one can hope that it will successfully handle these obstacles.

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