Nintendo Switch 2 - Further Leaks Suggest an Earlier Release Date

Nintendo Switch 2 – Further Leaks Suggest an Earlier Release Date

Online rumors have surfaced related to the Nintendo Switch 2, which has not yet received an official announcement. Although the Switch 2 has not yet been officially announced by Nintendo, persistent leaks and rumors point to its impending release. The Switch 2 may be released in late 2024, according to some sources, which runs counter to earlier reports that it will happen in 2025.

Even if the Switch 2’s actual release date is still unknown, fans may still look forward to it. Whatever the systems’ performance, Nintendo has always released new game hardware, going all the way back to the 1980s. Owing to the Nintendo Switch’s extraordinary popularity, a sequel makes sense. While there may be new information on the Switch 2 available online, none of it is confirmed.

The producer of Switch accessories, Mobapad, allegedly leaked information about the Switch 2 through its Bilibili page. Subsequently, Resetera user –R, along with reliable Nintendo leaker Pyoro, simplified these details and added that the information seems to have been going around among “some manufacturers” and “Nintendo influencers” in China for some time. Though Pyoro noted that similar material had appeared in earlier private meetings, they were unable to verify the data with their primary source.

The leaked information claims that the Switch 2’s Bluetooth chip works with the Joy-Con and Pro controllers that are already on the market, which feature HD vibration. Furthermore, the report implies that backward compatibility will be preserved for the Switch 2. This is consistent with claims made recently about the new Joy-Cons using magnets instead of conventional rails. The leak also suggests that the Joy-Cons will have more buttons than their current setup.

The Nintendo Switch 2 looks to provide a number of significant enhancements over its predecessor, including the capability for 4K picture output and a USB-C port on the dock, assuming the rumored features are accurate. The larger screen with 1080p resolution and the redesigned kickstand with better angle adjustment add to the much-anticipated improvement. 

In terms of the possible announcement schedule, Nintendo’s schedule for the second half of 2024 seems to be somewhat light, with most of the company’s big releases—aside from Metroid Prime 4, which has been in development for a while—expected to be released by the end of the summer. Though it’s still speculation, there are rumors pointing to a potential Switch 2 focus for Metroid Prime 4. In the end, fans will have to wait until Nintendo decides to officially reveal the Switch 2, or whatever name it ends up going by, to the general public.

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