Overwatch 2 Player Picks Up on an Interesting Hidden Detail

Overwatch 2 Player Picks Up on an Interesting Hidden Detail

Presenting an alternate reality where the roles of Overwatch 2’s heroes are reversed, Mirrorwatch is currently captivating players. Overwatch agents have transitioned into Talon operatives, and Talon members have become Overwatch agents. Alongside this change in the backgrounds of the characters, Overwatch 2 released new skins that showed how these heroes had changed in look. Mercy’s stunning Mythic skin, for example, deviates significantly from her original look. 

Showcasing Mirrorwatch’s charm, a perceptive Overwatch 2 player discovered useful information about the occasion.

Widowmaker’s Mirrorwatch skin has sparked an interesting comment from Reddit user t0mless. They pointed out that Widowmaker’s right eye appears to be yellowish in the Death Stare intro, while her left eye stays blue. Players of Overwatch 2 were prompted to discuss this aspect after t0mless uploaded two close-up photos of it.

The novel concept of Mirrorwatch, which lets players see Widowmaker’s side with the heroes alongside characters like Sombra and Doomfist, has attracted a lot of curiosity from Overwatch 2 fans. Widowmaker, also known as Captain Lacroix in this parallel reality, is wearing new clothes, but players might not realize how many secrets are hidden beneath them.

The Widowmaker skin in Overwatch 2 is a subtle homage to the game’s mythology; it’s Ana’s Mirrorwatch counterpart. One of the original players of Overwatch, Ana played a significant role in the game’s history and was well-known for her remarkable marksmanship, which was facilitated by her prosthetic right eye. But then there was a violent altercation between Widowmaker and Ana, which ended with Widowmaker smashing Ana’s prosthetic eye.

Ana takes a significant decision instead of choosing to fix the prosthesis: she chooses to wear an eye patch as a continual reminder of the change she experienced during her confrontation with Widowmaker. This symbolic action represents Ana’s transformation, leading her to take a different tack in her job and give life preservation priority whenever possible.

Widowmaker’s Mirrorwatch skin has a small but ingenious Easter egg that illustrates the depth of Overwatch 2’s lore, which is made possible in part by the game’s wide cast of heroes. Mirrorwatch, for those who haven’t taken part in it yet, is scheduled to end on May 13.

The Overwatch 2 Season 10 Battle Pass grants players the opportunity to obtain several Mirrorwatch skins as they go through the tiers. In particular, the Widowmaker Mirrorwatch skin is unlocked when the Premium Battle Pass reaches Tier 80.

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