Players Discover Glitch in Fallout 4’s Intro

Players Discover Glitch in Fallout 4’s Intro

A fan of Fallout 4 discovered a humorous bug when they were playing the pre-war opening section of the game. The well-liked role-playing game series from Bethesda is well-known for its occasional technological glitches, which, although sometimes annoying, frequently make for an enjoyable experience. This particular issue is more comical than fundamentally unbreakable, but it still makes for a fun show while playing the game.

The huge popularity of the Fallout TV series on Amazon has caused a new surge of interest in the Fallout property. With its captivating live-action version, Fallout has captured the attention of viewers all across the world, tempting many players to revisit the series’ distinctive retro-futuristic setting. Of them, Bethesda’s fourth mainline game, Fallout 4, has experienced an impressive comeback and is now ruling European sales rankings almost nine years after its original release. Naturally, more players are getting into the game as a result of this. Due to this, a wealth of humorous discoveries—particularly in the form of bugs and malfunctions are being discovered. To put it mildly, one of the most recent findings circulating on social media is really funny.

Reddit user RubberChicken36 shared a short video of a nuclear bomb going off in a cinematic from Fallout 4’s pre-war opening sequence on the r/Fallout subreddit. in the video, the player character descends on a lift towards Vault 111 with their spouse and a few NPCs, just escaping the explosion’s destructive shockwaves. But in Fallout 4, there’s a problem that leaves one of the NPCs who should be in the lift with the player stuck outside. The lift doors snapped closed, trapping the NPC and putting him in danger of dying.

Even while this issue is funny, it’s only one of many oddities found in Bethesda’s critically acclaimed role-playing game that have been found recently. For example, gamers have run into a variety of odd bugs in Fallout 4. A player reported seeing an NPC swimming around the Commonwealth’s streets, while another discovered a bug that, for some reason, turned beloved synth buddy Nick Valentine into a Jet junkie. While strange events like bugs and glitches frequently take away from the fun of a game, they may occasionally provide games like Fallout 4  something funny. 

Not everything that has happened recently has been good.. After being delayed for more than a year, the highly anticipated Fallout 4 next-generation update launched with multiple technical problems, which led to severe criticism from fans. However, Fallout 4’s continued appeal is a testament to the current level of enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding the brand.

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