State of Decay 3 - Promising Updates Reported

State of Decay 3 – Promising Updates Reported

Recently, renowned Xbox insider Jez Corden gave a positive report on the progress of State of Decay 3, the upcoming zombie survival game from Undead Labs. If this new information turns out to be true, Microsoft may have a big hit on its hands when State of Decay 3 launches soon.

2020 saw the initial announcement of State of Decay 3 during the yearly Xbox reveal. A short CGI teaser lacking any gameplay was shown. Since then, fans have been left wondering about the game’s progress as Undead Labs has published very little information about it. In 2022, worries increased after a Kotaku article claimed Undead Labs promoted a toxic and misogynistic work environment. Since then, there haven’t been many unfavorable reports or rumors regarding the game or the developer, which has many people optimistic that the State of Decay 3’s production is moving along nicely. This optimistic viewpoint seems to be reinforced by Corden’s latest observations.

Around 3:19:20 in the most recent Xbox Two Podcast edition, reliable insider Jez Corden disclosed that he has been told by insiders that the upcoming zombie game, State of Decay 3, “is coming along very nicely.” He echoed these remarks, saying that the game is supposedly coming along “very, very well” and that it looks fantastic all around. Though he did not disclose any specific information he may have learned about the game, Corden, a huge fan of the State of Decay series, voiced his delight at these encouraging updates.

This announcement follows Jez Corden’s own April indication that games like The Coalition’s Gears 6 and State of Decay 3 would be shown during the Xbox showcase. If this proves to be accurate, it would be consistent with remarks made by Xbox executive Matt Booty in June 2023, indicating that gameplay for Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 would be revealed within the following 18 months. State of Decay 3 will probably be shown to fans again in 2024, barring any changes in schedule, even if it doesn’t make an appearance at this year’s Xbox summer showcase.

The Xbox community has been experiencing low morale lately, mostly as a result of Microsoft’s unexpected move earlier this week to close four of its first-party studios, among other things. A strong re-release of a game such as State of Decay 3 can give Xbox the boost it needs to rekindle its fan base. With any luck, Microsoft will soon provide even more fascinating details about this game as well as the other big Xbox games that gamers are waiting impatiently for.

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