How to fix Steam Cloud's “Unable to sync” error?

How to fix Steam Cloud’s “Unable to sync” error?

Steam is the perfect solution for the distribution of games and assists with the maintenance of multiple servers that are linked to the games. The platform has a massive collection where users get a chance to purchase a game of their choice and play it through the Steam client. However, the application comes with a fair share of problems, which can be troublesome but can be resolved. 

So if the Steam error code is popping on your device, you must see the message it is showing and quickly follow up with the solutions to resolve your problems instantly to avoid the loss of progress and resume playing. Read until the end of the article to learn more about Steam Cloud’s inability to sync errors. 

What Causes The Steam Cloud Error?

If you are experiencing errors with your Steam cloud, then you will see the following messages: 

  • Steam Cloud Error
  • Unable to Sync 
  • Steam could not sync your files for the game with the Steam cloud.

These messages usually appear when Steam checks the game files locally and discovers they don’t match the saved data on the Steam Cloud. This usually happens when you play those games on different computers, but in some cases, it might occur when you’re playing it. One of the most common reasons why the Steam Cloud error occurs is when you play the game on one computer and end up making lots of progress. 

Then, the next time, you launch the game on another computer without knowing whether things have been synced. Since there are issues with the data, Steam issues a warning sign. It all comes down to the kind of error it is; you have the option to wait for the game to sync or play the game anyway without worrying about the loss of data. 

Learn How to Fix Steam Cloud Error Messages in 8 Ways

Learn How to Fix Steam Cloud Error Messages in 8 Ways

Retrying Syncing Them

If your Steam Cloud error messages give you an option to Retry Sync, choose it. It may occur momentarily with your Steam Cloud or even your internet. Search for the Cloud Status Out of Sync if the message doesn’t appear. You will find it next to the play button in your Steam library. Click on Out of Sync and then tap on the Retry Sync option. 

Please note that if you have a warning, Steam Cloud gives you an option to play the game or launch it. Then, do not choose any of those options; instead, playing the game without resolving your cloud problem can result in a loss of progress. 

Make Sure Steam Server isn’t Down

Check the feed or the unofficial status on the website to see if Steam is facing issues with the outage. If Steams has issues, then it can be the cause of this error and sometimes even prevent the syncing procedure. 

Check Your Internet

If your connection is unreliable or working slowly, then it can be the cause of prevention of synchronization. If this is an issue, you might have to turn your internet on and reopen it. You can also try to sync Steam Cloud again using the instructions mentioned in the reattempting sync. 

Enabling Synchronization on your Computer

Enabling Synchronization on your Computer

One of the most common problems is when the synchronization feature is turned off or disabled. And then when you play the game on another computer, it’s open there. This means your old data can be missed, and you’ll struggle as you lose your progress. To stop this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Steam and then go to Settings. 
  2. Now open the Cloud and then choose the Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for applications that it supports. 
  3. After this is done, tap OK and then restart the Steam. This way, Steam should sync, and then you can try playing the game again. 

Steam will allow you to decide which saved data to use when you launch your games. Make sure to check the dates given on different options and then select the one that shows the progress of the last time you played the game to avoid losing all the progress you made. 

Restart Steam

If your game is struggling with syncing, then you will have to shut it down and then start. Start by opening the task manager, then right-click on Steam and choose the End Task. Then, Check for other Steam processes such as Steam Client WebHelper and Steam – 32 bit. Now right-click and end task those, too.  After everything is shut down, restart and wait to see if everything syncs easily. 

Make Sure Your Game Files aren’t Compromised

Verify your game files and check if there are problems with your local files. To verify your files, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the game in your Steam library and then click on Properties. 
  2. Now select Properties and then tap on Local Files. 
  3. Lastly, choose to verify the integrity of game files, and the process will begin. 
  4. It can take a few minutes, especially if your storage file is slow or the game data is massive. 

Repair the Folder

If fixing the files doesn’t resolve the issues, then repairing your Steam cloud folder may help. You can do that by following the steps below:

  1. Choose Steam and then go to the Settings. 
  2. Now click on Download and then choose Steam Library Folders. 
  3. Then click on the three dots, giving you more options. Tap on Repair Folder. 
  4. Now, make sure the Antivirus and the firewall settings are adjusted. Check all your programs and make sure they’re allowed to Steam. 

Bottom Line

And that’s how you can fix your unable-to-sync error on Steam Cloud. Follow all the 8 ways we have mentioned, and one of them will surely help you get rid of the synchronization issue. It usually occurs when your wifi isn’t working properly, or you haven’t saved progress on one computer and resume playing on the other device. Make sure to be very cautious when it comes to this so you never have to lose your progress!

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