Valiant Hearts - Coming Home is Set to Release on Steam

Valiant Hearts – Coming Home is Set to Release on Steam 

Late in January, the puzzle adventure game with a war theme that debuted as an Android and iOS-only offering on Netflix celebrated its first anniversary. But it wasn’t until early March 2024 that Ubisoft made it available on more platforms, including the PC, Nintendo Switch, and the most recent PlayStation and Xbox console generations. Notably, until recently, Ubisoft’s own digital storefront was the only place to purchase the PC version.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home’s lack of availability on Steam was expected given Ubisoft’s history of releasing new games first and alone on its own platform. What really catches many off guard, though, is how limited the PC version’s period of exclusivity on the Ubisoft Store appears to be. The game’s websites on Steam and the Epic Games Store were just launched on April 20, suggesting that the exclusivity period would not go on for long.

While price information is missing from the recently discovered listings, Ubisoft usually keeps prices the same throughout different stores. It is therefore safe to assume that Valiant Hearts: Coming Home will retail for $14.99 on both the Steam and Epic Games Store, matching the price of the Ubisoft Store edition. A precise release date of May 24 is provided on the Epic Games Store page, however, the Steam listing only states that it is “coming soon”. It’s possible that the Steam version will also launch in late May if this information is accurate.

It is interesting that Valiant Hearts: The Collection is not listed on the Epic Games Store or Steam, especially since the package was unveiled in early March along with the platform versions of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. The bundle, which is available for $24.99 on the Ubisoft Store, saves you 16% when compared to buying the games separately at retail.

As many of Ubisoft’s games take years to make their way onto Valve’s platform, the company has been avoiding Steam at launch since 2019. After a three-year break from the platform, the firm resumed selective publishing on Steam in late 2022. The supposed ten-week exclusivity period for Valiant Hearts: Coming Home on the Ubisoft Store looks short in light of this. Interestingly, The Rogue Prince of Persia will be available on Steam early access on May 14, marking the first day-one Ubisoft release in five years.

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